William Archer

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 210

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Dark Brown
  All Booking Inquiries:
The Green Agency
2700 N. Miami Ave / Ste 301
Miami, FL 33127
305-532-9225 (Phone)
305-532-9334 (Fax)
Television Commercials
Toyota / Darrel Waltrip Fire Marshall / Construction Nashville, TN
Hallmark Valentine CD DJ / Show Host Hallmark
YMCA Middle Tennessee Youth Counselor Flenory Productions
Suzuki Telethon Phone Operator Nashville, TN
Tri-Star Medical Commercial Featured Extra The Collective
Lexmark Corporate Person Lexmark
Direct Insurance Phone Operator Stage Post
PG Flooring Systems Husband Hammond
Logan's Roadhouse Customer The Collective
Nationwide Insurance Satisfied Customer Todd Yarrington
Lasik Vision Centers Surgical Candidate Cincinnati, OH
SKN Regen Infommercial Featured Extra SKN Regen
PUR Water Filter Husband/Father Procter & Gamble
Champion Windows Homeowner Cincinnati, OH
Print Modeling
Ebonite Bowling Catalog Hand And Arm Model David Bailey
VF ImageWear Uniforms and Chef Outfits Jeff Frasier
Gain Detergent Tango Husband Interbrand
AstraZeneca Proud Father Stephen Weber
Longaberger Catalog Husband/Dad Colin McGuire
Gideons Bibles Evangelist David Bailey
Fortis Insurance Seminar Presenter David Bailey
Nationwide Insurance Injured Exec. Laura
Nationwide Insurance AutoShop Owner Tom Griffin
Colemon Health Systems Hand Model / Close-Up David Bailey Photography
Missions Road Trip Brochure Activity Leader Lifeway
PG Flooring Systems Husband Hammond Communications
Sporty's Catalog Happy Sweeper Cincinnati, OH
Guitar, Flute, Keyboards, Singer, Swim, Horseback, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Rollerskate, Rollerblade, Water Ski, Snow Ski, Long Distance Run, Martial Arts, Karate, Kickboxing, Skateboarding, PADI Certified Rescue Diver and Master Scuba Diver, Certified maniac on a snowboard!, Parachute, SkyDive, Rock Climb, Magic, Mystic, Juggle, Stunt Driving, Stunt Fighting, Falling from Buildings, Scuba Diving, Rowing and Sculling (Crew), Football, LaCrosse, Wrestling, Improv Comedy, Member International Thespian Society, SAG Member since 04/10.